FAQ | Phi Tuition Center, London

1. What is the objective of the courses?

The aim of our courses is to prepare our students for their exams. We enable our students to achieve a deeper understanding of their subject, to develop powerful exam and revision techniques and to face exam-style questions with confidence.

2. When do courses run?

Our classes run weekly for the length of the school term (with evening and weekend sessions available) and are delivered from our modern facilities in Chiswick and Harrow. We also offer Easter Revision and Summer courses, and there is the option for students to join our classes online.

3. What subjects do you offer?

We offer courses in Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and English.

4. Why don’t you teach other courses beyond science, maths and English?

Our tutors are truly passionate about science and maths, which is why we focus our efforts on these subjects. We can offer advice if you are looking for expert help with other subjects, but we prefer to specialize in what we do best.

5. Who are your tutors?

All of our tutors have superb teaching skills, university degrees in their academic fields and are DBS checked. Furthermore, they are truly passionate about science and maths. This is how we ensure that our students receive the highest standard of tuition possible, with the necessary depth and breadth required to succeed in their exams.

6. How many students are in each class?

We limit our classes to a maximum of 8 students, combining the benefits of private tutoring and a collaborative learning environment. Our students thrive because they are given the undivided attention that they need. All of our students share the same ambition for improvement and success, ensuring effective learning.

7. Do I need to have any specific grades to enroll?

There are no requirements for grades. Regardless of how confident you feel, and no matter what your predicted grades are, our courses will give you the tools that you need to improve your performance. Don’t forget that even if you are predicted high grades, it is the fine details that will differentiate you.

8. If I’m booked for a class, can I just come to the sessions where I feel I have gaps?

Unfortunately, not. To ensure that we deliver the quality that we promise, we ask our students to attend all the sessions of the courses that they have enrolled for. All of our sessions are available live online so if personal circumstances are ever an issue then our students can join our classes remotely. If students are otherwise unable to attend, we can provide notes to help you catch up before your next session. We are unable to refund any missed classes.

9. What is the policy regarding lateness?

To ensure that classes can run in a timely manner, and that our students get the full time that they have paid for, we ask students to be at the centre 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the class. We may make exceptions within reason but we will not accept consistently late students.

10. How much homework will I get?

We will always give you homework to ensure that you build on the progress made in each session. Depending on the subject, you should expect about 1.5 to 2 hours of personal study per week, reviewing the topics discussed in the previous session and completing homework for the next.

11. What happens if I’m unable to do my homework?

We trust that we will provide you with all the tools that you need to complete your homework with confidence. Naturally, we expect that you will sometimes come back with questions and problems that you were unable to complete. This is part of the learning process, as you are pushing your limits. We only ask that you devote a reasonable amount of effort to your homework to make sure that you are getting the most out of the course.

12. Where can I find course prices?

The best way to find out about course fees is to get in touch with us, which you can do using the contact form at the bottom of this page. It’s important that we have all the details, as we need to fully understand our students’ needs before we can propose the most suitable course for them.

13. Do you have feedback from parents and students?

Yes – 100% of parents we have surveyed have recommended us. You can also read testimonials below.

My grades in school have excelled
Laura – A Level student
“My grades in school have excelled and my confidence in facing my A Level exams has been improved. My aim is to study business management at university and having a greater understanding of maths will be a great benefit to me.“

It was the patience and sympathetic approach that made all the difference
Emma – Mother
“My daughter always struggled with maths. We tried many tutors outside school and her grades were still very low. The tutoring at Phi Tuition was strategic in selecting which topics she should really focus on. The topics were taught really thoroughly and in a way that she could understand. My daughter has just passed her Maths GCSE. She is utterly delighted and can now forge ahead with her university and career ambitions. Thank you, Phi Tuition!”