The Phi Club

Phi Tuition - Tutors, London

We’ve created an academic club at Phi Tuition specifically for students to come and study. The Phi Club sessions serve as a homework group where students can work independently on schoolwork or ask questions on topics of their choice and receive help with homework. Our tutors are there for the students, encouraging and helping them and giving them assistance when they need it.

    • Help with homework and tricky questions and problems
    • Additional exercises on topics that students find problematic
    • An undistracted environment to resolve theory-to-practice issues
    • The opportunity to study with tutors who can give our students the support and encouragement that they need

Phi Club is now offered for free to our existing students. You can express your interest in joining Phi Club by getting in touch today.

All of our tutors are highly qualified in their fields and are equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills (and all staff are DBS checked).

Phi Tuition is based in modern facilities in Chiswick. We offer classes that run weekly for the length of the school term, as well as Easter Revision and Summer courses. There is also the option for students to join our classes online.

We offer courses in Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and English.

It was the patience and sympathetic approach that made all the difference
Emma – Mother
“My daughter always struggled with maths. We tried many tutors outside school and her grades were still very low. The tutoring at Phi Tuition was strategic in selecting which topics she should really focus on. The topics were taught really thoroughly and in a way that she could understand. My daughter has just passed her Maths GCSE. She is utterly delighted and can now forge ahead with her university and career ambitions. Thank you, Phi Tuition!”