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The IB (International Baccalaureate) has been steadily gaining in popularity at Sixth Form level and some universities today actually prefer the IB programme over A Levels. However, as it is much less subscribed, there is far less expertise available on the course nationwide and many schools that offer the IB are still in a period of transition.

We use our expertise in science, mathematics and programming, and explain every aspect of each subject, including talking our students through the best way to present their answers in the contexts required by the IB.

At Phi, our courses are suitable for IB students attending the Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) and Group 5 (Mathematics) subjects. Whether at the standard level (SL) or the higher level (HL), our students benefit from our methodical teaching process.

Our IB tuition courses have been designed by tutors who are passionate about Maths and Sciences and, with our classes, Phi students are set on the path to success.

Since we opened our doors, two out of three of our students has obtained a place at their first choice of university; and 100% of parents surveyed would recommend us.

Our classes run weekly for the length of the school term (with evening and weekend sessions available) and are delivered from our modern facilities in Chiswick. We also offer Easter Revision and Summer courses, and there is the option for students to join our classes online.

All of our tutors are highly qualified in their fields and are equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills (and all staff are DBS checked).

We offer courses in Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and English.

We also offer courses for the following levels: KS3, GCSE, A Level, University and Adult Learning.

The knowledge and confidence they got is immense
Liliana – Mother
“For our two daughters, the knowledge and confidence they got is immense. My older one regularly gets 95% to 98% in her revision and mock exams and my younger one has steadily improved her test results from 39% to 72%. The biggest difference is in their attitude towards Maths and the new level of confidence that spills into other subjects.”