Adult Learning

Adult Learning Courses at Phi Tuition Centre in London

Adult Learning Courses

There are all kinds of reasons why adult learners want to improve their maths, science and computer programming skills. Many find that when seeking promotion, or trying to change careers, knowledge in fields such as mathematics, statistics and computer programming can be invaluable. Others might want to help their children with homework, whether at GCSE or A Level.

And for people hoping to start their own business, gaining confidence in maths skills is an essential starting point before taking on business administration or economics courses. Whatever your objective, Phi will find you the right course and the right tutor to help you on your way.

Our adult learning courses have been designed by tutors who are passionate about Maths and Sciences and, with our classes, Phi students are set on the path to success.

Our classes run weekly for the length of the school term (with evening and weekend sessions available) and are delivered from our modern facilities in Chiswick. There is also the option to join our classes online.

All of our tutors are highly qualified in their fields and are equipped with a high standard of educational and teaching skills.

We offer courses in Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and English.

We also offer courses for the following levels: KS3, GCSE, A Level, IB and University.

The help I got from Phi Tuition proved to be indispensable
Sonia – Master’s student at Birkbeck, University of London
“I came to Phi Tuition because I needed help with my Statistics exams. The help I got from Phi Tuition proved to be indispensable. I was impressed by their methodical approach, the resources and the academic calibre. From almost failing the module, I passed it comfortably.”