Easter Revision Courses – GCSE Physics

Course duration:

25 hours.

Dates & Times: 

Starting on Monday, 9th April 2018 to Friday 13th April 2018, 9 am – 2 pm daily.


Based on the Edexcel specification but suitable for other boards.


During the course, students will learn the theory of all the topics, focusing on becoming able to describe and explain key concepts, to perform numerical calculations using the appropriate formulae and to answer context-based questions following a logical and concise approach.

Through exposure to past papers, students will be able to develop and improve their exam techniques and methodologies.

Syllabus covered:

Energy transfer by heating

Infrared radiation, surfaces and radiation, states of matter, conduction, convection, evaporation and condensation, energy transfer by design.

Using energy 

Forms of energy, conservation of energy, useful energy, energy and efficiency.

Electrical energy

Electrical appliances, electrical power, using electrical energy, cost effectiveness matters.

Generating electricity

Fuel for electricity, energy from wind and water, power from the Sun and the Earth, energy and the environment, the national grid, big energy issues.


The nature of waves, measuring waves, reflection, refraction, diffraction, sound, musical sound.

Electromagnetic waves

The electromagnetic spectrum, light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves, communications, the big bang and the expanding universe.


Distance-time graphs, velocity and acceleration.


Forces between objects, resultant force, force and acceleration, road safety, falling objects, stretching and squashing.

Work, energy and momentum

Energy and work, gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy, momentum, explosions, impact forces and car safety.

Current and electricity

Electrical charges and circuits, resistance, current-potential graphs, series and parallel circuits.

Mains electricity

Alternating current, cables, fuses and plugs, electrical energy, power and potential difference, electrical issues.


Nuclear radiation, the nucleus and nuclear reactions, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, radioactive decay, half-life, radioactivity at work.

Energy from the nucleus

Nuclear fission and fusion, nuclear issues, the early universe, the history of a star and star formation.

Medical applications of physics

X-rays, ultrasound, refractive index and the endoscope, lenses and the eye.

Using physics to make things work

Moments and principle of moments, centre of mass and stability, hydraulics, circular motion and the pendulum.

Using magnetic fields

Electromagnets, the motor effect, electromagnetic induction, transformers.

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