Updates on the COVID-19 situation


A message from our Founder & Director

London, 20 March 2020

Dear Parents & Students,

I would like to get in touch with each one of you regarding the current situation around the COVID-19 virus and particularly now that our government has announced the closure of the schools and the cancellation of the GCSE and A-Level exams.

I am sure you are receiving many emails about this issue and for this reason I hope I can be very brief in my message.

This is an unprecedented situation and I am as devastated as our students, who had almost no time to say even a goodbye to their friends and teachers.

No one can replace the gap that the school closures leave in the education of our children and I will avoid re-iterating the importance of school education to the development of a young person.

But this is a temporary inconvenience and this is the moment that we – parents and educators – need to ensure that each one of our children continues to receive all the necessary tools, at least the academic ones, that they need so that they can proceed into their next stage of their lives, when this unpleasant situation ends – hopefully soon.

In the past years, Phi Tuition has invested in the development of the necessary technology tools which have been assisting us delivering our lessons online to students around the country and abroad. Now we are ready and fit to use those tools for our in-class students as well.

Therefore, my team and I have decided to continue delivering our lessons online with immediate effect.

I’m very proud and grateful that the dry-tests we had with all of our students early this year prove to be very successful and that all of our students and tutors know exactly what to do to keep delivering and benefiting from our lessons.

I would like to share with you the following arrangements in our term dates:

  • Years 7, 8, 9, 10: They will continue their lessons till end of June 2020, as planned.
  • Year 11: They will continue their GCSE preparation till end of May 2020, focusing on going through past papers. For those of them who will continue with A-Levels we will start the new syllabus from the beginning of June 2020.
  • Year 12: They will continue their lessons till end of June 2020, as planned.
  • Year 13: They will continue their A-Level preparation till end of May 2020, focusing on finishing the theory and going through past papers.

Regarding the Easter Revision courses, there will be a separate announcement, in a private communication with each one of you.

Whether or not our students sit any form of exams, it is important that they still get the theoretical knowledge for their next education level, while at the same time we protect everyone’s well being and good state of health.

With more students without schooling the coming months, we had a big demand for our online courses and we have added extra courses during the mornings. Therefore there might be some changes in the timetable to ensure that we deliver the courses at the most convenient times for our students and I will discuss it with them. Please continue to use the calendar on our i-Nucleus portal to confirm the dates and the times.

In those ever changing times, when our society challenges and re-assesses some of its most fundamental values, I invite you to continue putting your belief in the power of education, with the hope and aspiration that our world and the next generations will never have to go through another emergency like this.

I am sending my best wishes to each one of you.

Dr Efstathios (Stathis) Stefanidis

Founder & Director