Updates on the COVID-19 situation

London, 8 September 2020

Dear Parents & Students

With the start of the new school year and with our students returning back to our classes, I’d like to bring to your attention Phi Tuition’s policy in order to adhere to the latest guidance and advice from the government, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here at Phi, as always since the day one of our operations, the safeguarding and wellbeing of our students is a non-negotiable aspect of everything we are doing and we put in place all necessary procedures to deliver this promise.

During the lockdown period, we managed to deliver our courses online without missing a single lesson. And for this I am grateful to our parents, students and to all of my team members.

In order to continue building on that success, I would like to ensure that all of us are aware of the following measures we are taking in order to continue the smooth, safe but also equally important efficient and effective delivery of our classes:

  1. It is important that in case a student develops COVID-19 symptoms, they do not come to Phi Tuition. Instead, and if their health permits it, they can attend their classes online using our i-Nucleus portal.
  2. Upon arrival, everyone at Phi Tuition needs to wash their hands thoroughly.
  3. In case of more immediate need for disinfection, we provide in each classroom hand sanitisers. Please remember that the hand sanitisers are not substitute for the hand wash.
  4. We ask all of our students and tutors to wear masks when inside the classes. We can provide free of charge disposable, surgical-type masks to everyone who needs it.
  5. Before the start of the lesson, students and tutors are required to clean their desks and their working surfaces using the disinfectant wipes, which are located in each room.
  6. We ask all our students to maintain an order when entering and leaving our classrooms and premises.

We have invested in our technology and systems in order to make sure that all of our students benefit from our classes. For those who choose to attend our classes online, we are proud to offer all the necessary technological tools for an asynchronous learning via our powerful online platform i-Nucleus and I’d like to encourage students and parents to use it as often as possible and benefit from its features.

In those ever changing times, when our society challenges and re-assesses some of its most fundamental values, I invite you to continue putting your belief in the power of education, with the hope and aspiration that our world and the next generations will never have to go through another emergency like this.

I am sending my best wishes to each one of you – my team and myself are always available for your suggestions or thoughts for improvement.

Dr Efstathios (Stathis) Stefanidis

Founder & Director