Committed to delivering results

To ensure that all learning objectives are met, the design of our courses begins with the Scheme of Work outlining the subjects to be covered over the school year. The Scheme of Work is designed to take into account the following key points:

  1. Pupils are kept ahead of what is happening at school. Too many tuition courses are designed to fill in knowledge gaps ‘after the fact’, heaping a lot of stress on pupils very close to the crucial exam period. With our comprehensive courses, we make sure pupils are ahead of the curve and that they do not fall behind.
  2. The syllabus is completed in good time before examination dates, which allows sufficient time for revision and proper preparation for exams.

During our courses, our pupils receive notes with:

  • Clear, comprehensive explanations and examples focusing on the subject taught.
  • A succinct summary of the all key concepts.
  • Problem solving techniques.

To monitor their improvement, pupils are, regularly assessed either during courses using questions and discussions on the topics covered, or by tests and quizzes at the end of each thematic unit. Parents get feedback on a regular basis.

We believe that students do best when they are not allowed to become a passive audience. We make them participate actively in the process of their own learning, by applying innovative teaching techniques, including active learning, peer-teaching and self-correction. Our experience has shown that, this way, they not only learn better and in more depth; they actually find the lessons more interesting.

We enable our students to appreciate their own learning efforts and achievements, which inevitably leads to a more satisfying and satisfactory teaching experience. They strive to make progress because they are encouraged by their results.

Closer to the exam period, we design a personalised revision plan for each student, including extensive resources to help with preparation for the exam. Along with their own revision plan, each student receives:

  • All the past papers for their subject.
  • Advice on how to improve the quality of their answers and how to manage their timing.
  • The option to speak to us directly on the phone prior to exams if any last minute questions arise.