2015 : Another year of celebrating achivements…

We congratulate all of our students for their great performance during their 2015 exams.

It would be a long list to include everyone, but we would like to send our special wishes to the following students for the new chapter in their lives they are about to embark:

  • Angus : Economics, London School of Economics (LSE)
  • Chris : Accounting and Finances, Durham University
  • Christine : Applied Laboratory Technician, National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
  • Ewan : Aeronautical Engineering, Loughborough University
  • Helena : Medicine, Imperial College London
  • Henry : Mechanical Engineering, Bristol University
  • Khalid : Economics, Bristol University
  • Luke : Mechanical Engineering, Bristol University

…and finally, a word from just some of our students.

We are proud to have received warm praise for our years of teaching. Here are a few of the many success stories:

I struggled to find the right tutor to help me improve in my AS Physics and Mathematics for many months and I can honestly say that of the many tutors I have been taught by, Dr Stefanidis is such the most wonderful and inspiring teacher and I would not have got the grades I dreamed of if not for him.
Helena, A-Level student

Very Professional and engaging tuition with clear explanation of complex ideas with the use of comprehensive presentations. Clear structure throughout the course has made revision more manageable and I now feel more confident in my ability to answer exam questions and my exam technique has improved significantly to the stage where I now regularly exceed my target grade.
Michael, A-Level student

My grades in school have excelled and my confidence in facing my A-level exams has been improved. My aim is to study business management at university and having a greater understanding of Maths will be a great benefit to me.
Laura, A-Level student

The courses have improved my performance in maths greatly. My confidence in the subject has increased vastly and I am now seeing A grades instead of D grades!. As a result from my lessons in maths, I have decided to study the subject in university!!
Akhil, A-Level student

My courses with Phi Tuition have been incredibly beneficial towards my further studies not only at A-level but also at university because we worked on using the very best revision methods and resources to maximize my exam results and they have definitely had a positive effect through all of my studies. I strongly recommend the courses to anyone looking for the very best tuition in their studies.
Martin, graduate student, Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London

Oliver was taught by Dr Stefanidis for 2 years in both maths and physics. Not only is Dr Stefanidis incredibly knowledgeable in his subjects but also a fantastic teacher. Oliver achieved his goals of getting the grades to get into Edinburgh to study physics and Dr Stefanidis deserves a lot of the credit for helping him. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!.
Oliver’s parents

For our two daughters, the knowledge and confidence they got is immense. My older one regularly gets 95-98% in her revision and mock exams and my younger one has steadily improved her test results from 39% to 72%. The biggest difference is in their attitude towards Maths and the new level of confidence that spills into other subjects.
Carla’s and Ella’s parents

Very helpful and insightful tuition, offered at a friendly level. Helped me greatly throughout gcse and a-level maths and physics.
Ewan, A-Level student