Experts in Science and Maths

Our extensive teaching experience enables us to communicate difficult ideas and concepts at the right level for our students.

Comprehensive notes

We provide our students with a comprehensive range of teaching notes, tailored to each module. Our teaching materials are designed with students’ needs in mind.

Innovative teaching techniques

We believe that students do best when they participate actively in the process of their own learning, by applying innovative teaching techniques, including active learning, peer-teaching, and self-correction.

Small group size

Our students thrive because they are given the undivided attention and help that they need on an individual basis. That is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 8 students.


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Bright future in London? You’ll need private tutoring!

We’ve thought about the benefits of private tutoring after the recent survey from a leading organisation. Why is private tutoring that important? The survey revealed that London is the most educated city in Europe. It’s also important to note that, in some parts of London, there are more than two in three adults of working age which […]

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Can Tutoring Classes Help Prevent the Fear of Failure

Why do we suggest tutoring classes can help overcome the fear of failure which prevents students’ success? A fact often overlooked is that children of all ages can also suffer from the effects of stress and fear and a fear of failure can seriously affect a child’s ability to function at home and at school. Tutoring […]

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Is tutoring necessary? Even for bright students

Does tutoring help the successful students? Many parents believe tutoring is only for those having difficulty keeping up with a particular module or subject and this can also been seen as an admission that their child is not as able as the rest. This is simply not the case. The modern ultra-competitive world consists of […]

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