Experts in Science and Maths

Our extensive teaching experience enables us to communicate difficult ideas and concepts at the right level for our students.

Comprehensive notes

We provide our students with a comprehensive range of teaching notes, tailored to each module. Our teaching materials are designed with students’ needs in mind.

Innovative teaching techniques

We believe that students do best when they participate actively in the process of their own learning, by applying innovative teaching techniques, including active learning, peer-teaching, and self-correction.

Small group size

Our students thrive because they are given the undivided attention and help that they need on an individual basis. That is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 8 students.


Great locations
Parent recommendations
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GCSE tuition  – How to choose the best GCSE tuition centre for your child

It is natural for a parent to want the best for their child, especially when this relates to ensuring their success at GCSE level. It is no secret that a good set of GCSE results is a minimum requirement for many colleges, universities and employers and without them it can be difficult for any child […]

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Keeping Your Children Focused on Learning During the Festive Period

It can feel like Christmas is coming earlier each year, especially with toys being advertised from early November. It’s therefore no surprise that children may start to lose focus on learning at home over the Christmas holidays. With the excitement of Santa coming, children aren’t interested in learning. Breaks are an important time for children […]

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Does Your Child Need Tutoring? What Parents Need to Know

The first part of any successful tuition process is for a parent to identify and understand that their child needs addition help. This may be because, as is common, they have seen their child’s grades slipping steadily downhill but that is just one of many reasons why a child may need a tutor. A child […]

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